Products that Embrace Developmental Disabilities on the Playground

Since March is Developmental Disability Awareness month, it is great opportunity for us to take a few moments to highlight some of our favorite products that are making big strides towards including children of all abilities on the playground.

 The Cruise Line –

The ultimate product for motion play, the Cruise Line provides children the opportunity to feel like they are flying.  Its platform provides the flexibility to sit forward, backward or to lie down while it rides along on suspended cables.  Laying on a platform like the Cruise Line’s can help to put pressure on joints and muscles.  This additional pressure can have a calming effect on the central nervous system.  Socially, the Cruise Line helps children engage in cooperative play.

 Click here to see a just how children interact with the Cruise Line

 The Cozy Cocoon –

 This product is specifically designed for children on the autism spectrum because it can provide a refuge from over-stimulation during play.  Children can take a break to calm themselves while still be visible to caretakers. The Cozy Cocoon's spinning movement can assist with brain development as well as improve balance and muscle control.  This product can be designed with a playground structure or can be added as a stand-alone piece.

 Click here to see a video of the Cozy Cocoon in action:

 The Quatro See Saw – 

The see saw has long been a familiar structure on the playground.  Recent updates, such as Playworld’s Quatro See Saw, have taken this traditional piece and made it more inclusive while enhancing benefits for those with developmental disabilities.  The rocking motion generated by the Quatro helps to increase muscle tone and regulate anxiety.  The Quatro also provides a landing pad in the middle of the action, allowing for new ways for children to socialize than existed before. 

 The Quatro is featured in one of All Recreation’s more recent playground projects at Discovery Elementary in Ashburn, Virginia.

Discovery Elementary School

For more information on inclusive products, visit Playworld’s page on inclusive play.  Here you will find the Inclusive Play Design Guide, assessment tools, a product finder and more information on how play interacts with child development.