Why build a dog park

Recent statistics show that nearly 40% of all American homes including 70% of apartment renters own at least one dog.  In fact, there are almost as many dogs as there are children in the United States.  Attract new renters/ buyers to your community by offering a pet friendly area that could give your community a competitive edge over others.  

  • Provide a sense of community and a place for animal lovers to come together to socialize. 
  • Provide a safe environment for dogs to run freely and play with their pals.  
  • It’s a great place for the pooch and owner to burn off energy.
  • Put that awkward space to use.  Dog parks don’t have to be built on a perfect piece of land.  The dogs may actually prefer running up and down those awkward hills and inclines.
  • Containment- helps non dog owners keep their common space free of pets and pet waste. 
  • Well-being- Having a nearby, easily accessible area for their pets is ideal for the elderly and disabled.

Contact All Recreation today to get your project started.  We can help you with the design and layout of your project including fencing, artificial turf and all other necessary amenities.