GaGa Ball Pits

Gaga Ball is a kinder, gentler form of dodge ball that can be played by almost everyone. The equipment needed to play is minimal and includes a soft playground ball, an octagonal or circular pit and eager participants.  The goal of the game is to be the last person standing by dodging, running and jumping around the ball.

We are excited to offer several different sizes of Gaga Ball pits to our customers.  The modular kits come in the following sizes:

  • 15’ (8-12 children)
  • 20’ (20-25 children)
  • 26’ (30+ children)

Each kit comes with everything you need to create the Gaga pit, including stanchions and borders.  These borders create double stacked 4’ sections that are 28 inches high. Assembly instructions are included.  If you desire a permanent installation, anchors are available for purchase. 

Our Gaga pits have a PVC coating which provides maximum durability and helps to avoid the splintering, warping and rotting that can come with wood pits.  Gaga pits are an easy, affordable way to bring kids and adults back to the playground.