All Recreation is proud to do business in Kentucky, the state known for its horses, bourbon, basketball and beautiful outdoor spaces.  We provide Kentucky with our quality recreational products including playgrounds, commerical outdoor furniture (benches, tables, trash cans, planters, bike racks), shades, shelters and sporting equipment.  We know that value matters in Kentucky, which is why we offer some of the most cost effective recreational products without compromising quality.  We also know that local relationships matter, which is why our recreational specialists are part of the local community.

We work all over the state bringing your recreational ideas to life.  From the different regions (Northern, Eastern, Western and Central Kentucky) to the major cities (Louisville, Lexington, Bowling Green, Paducah, Owensboro and Richmond), we are just a phone call away and have crews ready to assist you with your project, no matter what size.

Here is a sample of our Kentucky experience:


Site Furnishings:  Benches, Trash Cans, Signs

Waterfront Development, Louisville, Kentucky


Playground Equipment

Hillman Ferry Campground, Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky


Site Amenities: Benches

Aviation Heritage Park, Kentucky

 We have seen some exciting new trends in Kentucky including a move towards more inclusive playgrounds as well as an increased focus on fitness based play. Our expert recreational specialists and design teams that can help provide the best solution at the best price.  We even provide free site visits and complimentary 3D designs to help you envision your next project.  Give us a call today to get started!